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Improve Efficiency

Often, we tend to think about random thoughts when focusing on a particular work. These thoughts, however, could be important but might not be related to the task we're currently working on.

On the ultimatum, our work-efficiency decreases and the work-life balance is not maintained.

In order to deal with this type of unproductive-rut, here are 5 ways to increase our efficiency and productivity:

1. Make a Brain-Dump plan

We should always keep journal of "important but not so important" thoughts that crept in while we're trying to focus on our work. This technique helps to regain one's focus on the ongoing project, hence making one highly efficient and not let that person to worry about the other aspects of the life.

2. Track your Time

Always keep a check of your time. Ask yourself questions like: Where is your time spent the most? Are those areas worth the time spent?

In order to work in a more meaningful and efficient way, the work taking up most of our time should be the most valuable.

3. Single Tasking

Focus on a single task at a time. By doing so, the level of efficiency and productivity intensifies and hence, we're able to finish the important work timely. There's no point of working multiple projects with divided attention and not being able to focus on the important aspects of life.

4. The Pomodoro Technique

It is one of the best methods to adapt while working in order to increase efficiency and enhance productivity at either work or study.

Start your task by dividing it into small chunks and focusing on the work intensely for about 25-30 minutes followed by a tiny break of 5 minutes and repeating the Pomodoro sessions for considerable amount of time.

5. Showing Up Prepared and Decluttering the Workspace

We should always prepare ourself before starting working on a project. This includes the practice of making mind-maps and planning the task in order to boost productivity and work efficiency. The practice of showing up prepared reduces the time wasted in wondering how to start working. It also develops a sense of self-discipline which is an asset of highly-productive people.

Moreover, we should also spare a minute out of work to organize our workspace. It gives a motivational boost to work consistently and increases efficiency on the whole.


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