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Increasing Productivity

We have all experienced days full of motivation to get things done. Yet sometimes, we slack up and put things off. There are several reasons for this. And it is not impossible to deal with these reasons that inhibit us from doing meaningful work.

We tend to think about other aspects when we sit down to work. Let it be thinking about the food we had last night, that hangout with our friends or our plans. These thoughts prevent us from concentrating on our present and vital projects.

Ultimately, this affects our productivity and efficiency at our work. Some techniques can be employed to deal with this unproductive rut.

Some of the best methods to deal with thoughts preventing us from working with efficiency are:

Making a "Brain Dump Plan"

We can always keep a bullet journal of the "not so urgent but still important" thoughts that crept up while trying to focus on a particular topic. This technique helps regain one's focus on the ongoing project and lets that person not worry about other aspects of life.

This technique is as simple as it sounds. It's noting things down that obstruct our workflow. It means we are trying to respond to other priorities before our work. It helps us to know where we divert our focus. Hence by noting it down, we know that we could always channelise our energy to our work and deal with other issues afterwards.


Track your time

We should always account for our time and where we spend it the most. And question if those areas that take most of our time are worth that? By doing this, we explore more about ourselves and, more importantly, our habits. It can help us improve and move forward in life.



We need to focus on a particular topic one time and in short bursts. There's no point in working with divided concentration and being unable to concentrate on the dedicated projects. Humans are pretty bad at multi-tasking. It reduces our productivity. It is, therefore, advisable to work on different projects at different times rather than at all projects collectively.


POMODORO Technique

Pomodoro is the Italian name for tomato. In this context, it refers to a timer that looks like a tomato! This technique is one of the best to get started with the work. It is the best method to beat chronic procrastination. In this method, a person starts working in short and manageable chunks of time that are 25 minutes long. A 5-minute break follows every work session. It motivates us enough to complete some stuff within the stipulated time limit. Thus, this technique ensures we get things done without wasting more time.



For highly organised people working in a messy place is total hell. One should rather spend a few minutes at the end of work to clean up the space for the next day. And start working with the advantage of some extra motivation our workspace gives us and use that effectively.


Show up prepared

We should always prepare for our work in advance to save those tiny but unavoidable breaks that impair our concentration during the time dedicated to working. To follow concrete plans, on the other hand, means having personal goals to be achieved at the work that does a lot to improve self-confidence.

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