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Why do Small Changes matter?

It's easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of small improvements made on daily basis.

Avalanche Effect

Once in your lifetime, you must have either witnessed or heard of the amount of destruction and devastation caused by the avalanches occurring every now and then in mountain areas.

The root cause of an Avalanche is the continuous sliding of ice particles over one another. What starts with a handful of tiny bits of ice, soon converts into a massive wave that destroys each and everything that comes along the way.

Similarly, it's the "Compounding Effect", of the tiny changes you make every day, that is the ultimate reason why small changes matter the most.

Therefore, success is the compound effect of the daily efforts you put in rather than being a product of once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

Time is the Friend, Time is the Enemy.

It takes time for small habits to pay off. That's why people find it very difficult to stick to them for a reasonable amount of time, and hence when they don't get the desired result in the desired time they resent back to their original lifestyle. It's often heard," I've been running for a month and a half and I've still got no results !"

The thing here is All that you did is not wasted but is stored instead. It will pay off when the right time comes or when you have crossed the limiting barrier to success.

It's for the same reason that bad habits stick for so long and are hard to break. A single decision is easy to put off. You may procrastinate for a day and still have some time left behind to clear your backlog but you end nowhere once procrastination becomes a habit. You may ignore your family due to your work, but once it becomes a habit, you'll see your relationships start to weaken.

Overnight success is a myth.

Behind every great piece of work there lies an enormous amount of effort. "Overnight Success" is a term given by people to the "Breakthrough" moments that are taken and acted well upon by a person. What appears to be an Overnight Success, in actuality, is the result of the tiny efforts being put forward by the person every day. When we start something new that demands time to perpetuate, we often feel very disappointed and underwhelmed when we don't get the results that we want in the time we expect them. We feel this disappointment because we think the Progress-Time curve to be linear. But that in actual practice is not the case. The Progress-Time curve is somewhat like this :

It's that valley of Disappointment that leads a person to stop sticking to good habits for a long time as the person doesn't get the desired results in the time that he expects. It's hard to accept but, in reality, the best results are delayed.

Our habits are analogous to the geographic tectonic plates, the pressure between the plates takes thousand of years to build up and on a certain occasion, all the pressure is released when it crosses a certain threshold value. It's after a certain period of time when you get the results that you once wished for. And to add on, the achieved results usually end up being more than you'd expected to be.

Mastery requires Patience

There is a seed to every habit which is usually a single decision, and it is so easy to put off that it loses its importance in the short term, that's the ultimate reason why people find it too boring to bother and act upon these decisions and just fail to accomplish their tasks that don't require any earth-shattering attempt but a simple approach.

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